Painlessly manage and develop your service business

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Painlessly manage and develop your
service business


*trial period 1 month

Painlessly manage and develop your service business
Hair removal salon

Hair removal salon



Spa salon

Spa salon

Hairdressing salon

Hairdressing salon

Manicure studio

Manicure studio



Tattoo studio

Tattoo studio

Cosmetology clinic

Cosmetology clinic

Beauty salon

Beauty salon

Massage center

Massage center

Hair removal salon

Hair removal salon



Spa salon

Spa salon

Hairdressing salon

Hairdressing salon


Convenient calendar

Simplify the process of booking and billing clients

Intelligible and simple interface with the ability to look at the layout in the mode

Employees of "" can review their schedule from their gadgets

Automatic notification of appointments to clients for help SMS or messengers

Dynamic filters, which help to compare the bookings on one screen

Convenient calendar
  • Different bookings types

    Create records, group records, multi-services and repeating visits with just a few clicks. Flexible creation of absences for an employee.

  • Calendar display settings

    The ability to decide what data to see on the booking card, add colors to services, as well as display status and payment. Compressed calendar mode and create your own filter templates.

  • Convenient interaction with customer data

    Key information right in the booking dialog, subscriptions and last visit information. Instant access to complete customer information. Notes and quick sale options.

  • Easy and extremely easy to use

    The program allows you to make an appointment conveniently and quickly. Auto-selection by phone number and customer name allows you to find the desired profile by typing just a couple of letters or numbers.

Client Base

Attention and effective work with clients is the key not only to maintaining and retaining the client's database of , but also to its development.

  • Setting details

    Information that help you better understand customer needs

  • Affiliations

    Ability to set up affiliations between clients in the system

  • Bookings history and status

    Save customer visits history

  • Comments

    Employees can leave comments about customer interactions

  • Credit limit

    The ability to sell services and goods on credit to customers

  • Documents

    Adding customer documents to the database

  • Financial transactions

    History of all completed financial transactions

  • Custom tags

    Key information about the client in the application

  • Subscriptions

    Save purchase history of all subscriptions

  • Google calendar

    Google calendar sync

  • Source of engagement

    Better understanding of customer acquisition resources in your business

Client Base

Mobile application for employees

  • Ability to create bookings by employees

  • Ability to pay for bookings by employees

  • Ability to change bookings by employees

  • View own or, if available, all bookings for an employee

  • Ability to create employee time-offs

  • Review by the employee of his/her salary calculations

Mobile application

Mobile application for clients

  • Ability to create client bookings if business allows

  • Ability to change bookings by clients if the business allows

  • The client can view all his bookings

  • The client can review his subscriptions and book them

  • Customization of notification types by the client

  • The ability of the client to add bookings to the Google calendar

Mobile application

Increase revenue

Want to increase more sales ?

increase ad response rates with online booking

  • recordable 24/7

  • recording through the site and social networks

  • notification to admin


Notifications to the client

  • Support for telegram, viber and Expane mobile application

  • It is possible to send via SMS

  • Automatic reminders for future bookings

  • Notifications when creating, changing or canceling bookings

  • Customization of notifications that the client wants to receive

  • Setting up notification channels

Decrease expenses

Free automated mailing

through chat bots and push messages in application


Quick find

Using a combination of keys or hovering over a search term, it will be enough to enter a few letters and the automatic search will instantly find the necessary information.

Get quick access to:

  • - All system pages

  • - Customer and employee profiles

  • - Information about services, subscriptions, products, etc.

Speed and Convenience is our priority, which is why customers can also be searched by phone number, and products by article number.

Quick find

Waiting list

Serve 100% of clients

  • Increase bookings list

    Increase bookings list as much as possible, as a result you will get more revenue

  • Increase loyalty

    Your customer will appreciate the opportunity to come at their convenience

  • Time saving

    No more need to use spreadsheets or paper to sign up clients on a 'waiting list'

Waiting list

Storage control

The possibility of full control of the turnover of products

Critical leftovers in stock and sales tips

Automatic write-off of consumables that are assigned to services

Delivery, write-off, movement, inventory - all warehouse operations

Flexible filtering of invoices, for quick search of necessary data

  • Movement of products in storages

  • Settlements with counterparties

  • Leftovers

Analytics for modern business

Get more from business

  • Financial turnover

  • Amount of money on accounts

  • Clients growth dynamics

  • Sold products, subscriptions, gift cards

  • Various service sales reports

  • Expense and revenue reports

Analytics for modern business


Control all financial operations


Prevent cash gaps


Easy analyze money and profit

All features of Expane

  • Clients

    • Detailed information
    • Record History
    • Account History
    • Subscription history
    • Message telegram/vibes/sms
    • Tags
    • Affinities
    • Source of Engagement
  • Employees

    • Detailed information
    • Distribution into categories
    • Flexible access rights
    • Work schedule
    • Record History
    • Message
    • Time offs
    • Flexible salary settings
  • Services

    • Types of services
    • Distribution into categories
    • Distribution by locations
    • Flexible Duration
    • Consumables for services
    • Availability to clients
    • Color for services
  • Calendar

    • Flexible Filters
    • Flexibility of settings
    • Filter Templates
    • Bookings Selection
    • Compact Mode
  • Financial Accounting

    • Cash for the day
    • Flexible account settings
    • Automatic money transfer at the end of the day
    • Moving between accounts
    • Withdrawal from the client's account
    • Add revenue/expenses
    • Calculation of salary/premiums/fines
  • Products Accounting

    • Detailed information
    • Distribution into categories
    • For sale, for buyers
    • History of transactions/movements
    • Remains in products
    • Arrival/write-off/movement
    • Inventory

Your data is protected

all data is encrypted and stored on foreign servers

  • Secure hosting

    Regularly scan the server for malware

  • HTTPS protocol

    HTTPS ensures that intruders do not access user data

  • Strong Authentication

    A token-based authentication system that securely stores users' personal data in the cloud

  • Regular backups

    Data backups


Personal development

A personal approach to creating solutions for clients around the world.

We create solutions that improve your business.

Billing plans

  • Basic

    ₴ 400

    / month

    • The maximum number of employees is 1
    • The maximum turnover is up to ₴ 100,000
  • Pro

    ₴ 800

    / month

    • The maximum number of employees is up to 20 people
    • The maximum turnover is up to ₴ 1,000,000
  • Unlimited

    ₴ 1,500

    / month

    • Unlimited number of employees
    • Unlimited turnover

Billing plan


*trial period 1 month

  • Data Security

    All information is stored on foreign servers

  • Access 24/7

    Cloud access to the program from any gadget with a simple authorization

  • Support and Training

    We will teach you how to use the program for free. You will be connected with a specialist who will help you set up the program. Also, the support service is always in touch, a response from which usually arrives within 5 minutes

  • Feature development

    We never stop and are constantly improving the functionality of the program, and custom development is also possible